• Image of Drop Front Shoe Box "OG"
  • Image of Drop Front Shoe Box "OG"
  • Image of Drop Front Shoe Box "OG"

"Glass City Case" clear acrylic shoe box that will fit up to size 14 shoes. Put your favorite Jordan's, Samples, PE's, or any Grail that you just have to show off in these slide out display cases! Sometimes referred to as an Drop Front Shoe Box, Ice box, Grail Box, or Custom Shoe Box as well!

Made from clear .150 acrylic with rare Earth magnets and built locally in Toledo, OH - 100% American Made!

Our Drop Front Cases acrylic also naturally protect your shoes from UV light. Put your holy grail kicks in our Drop Front Cases to help preserve your kicks! The Drop Front Cases are also anti-yellowing and anti-fogging.

DIMENSIONS - 14.5" x 9" x 7"

If you have any questions feel free to email us at GlassCityKicks@gmail.com

Thank You!

*BULK ORDERS - Please email for inquiries. Any orders under 100 will more than likely have a longer wait time.

**Caring for your clear shoe box
-Please remember to clean with a micro fiber materials and never use paper towels
-Car polish can be used to clean and shine boxes as well

***4 bump stops will be included with each Drop Face Shoe Box purchase

****Shoes not included. Only pictured for reference.

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