Glass City Kicks is a local Boutique located in Toledo, Ohio run by local sneaker enthusiasts. Here at Glass City Kicks, we specialize in custom drop front cases as well as bulk order drop front shoe box orders.

Our acrylic display cases are made from .150 clear acrylics, built locally in Toledo, OH and with 100% American made products. Our Drop Front Shoe Boxes also include Rare-Earth magnets, which are strong permanent magnets made from alloys of rare earth elements. Our Drop Front Cases are clear acrylic shoe box that will fit up to size 16 shoes!!!

Put your favorite Adidas, Jordan's, Samples, PE's, Yeezy, or any Grail that you just have to show off in these slide out display cases! Sometimes referred to as an Drop Front, Ice box, Grail Box, or Custom Shoe Box as well!

We also carry Adidas and Jordan brand shoes from time to time. All shoes are guaranteed to be 100% authentic and are only purchased from 100% authorized Adidas and Jordan Retailers. No B-Grades, Replicas, or "Super-Perfects". 100% Authentic Guaranteed.